FAQs for Faculty & Staff

Here’s a Q&A that we hope will provide answers to the most common questions from Longwood faculty and staff. There continues to be regular communication with students on this as well.



When is fall break?

Fall break is Thursday September 29th and Friday, Sept, 30th. On Monday, October 3rd and Tuesday, October 4th (Debate Day), the university will be open for students but no classes will be held (as noted on the academic calendar, students may have debate-related participation assignments: http://bit.ly/2cx5zSq). Employees who are required to work that Monday and Tuesday will be notified by their supervisors. Further details can be found in the email Ken Copeland sent to campus August 3rd. On Wednesday October 5th the university will be open, and classes will resume on Thursday, October 6th.



What parts of campus will be off limits and when?

Starting Wednesday September 28th, we expect a security fence to be finalized in place around a portion of south central campus including Willett Hall, the Health and Fitness Center, Hull, Bedford, Wygal, Greenwood Library, the Communications Studies Building and Dorrill.

Staff who need to access this area for debate-related work have been identified and will receive a “pre-credential,” which will be required to enter this area.

Sometime, probably on the day before the debate, there will be a security sweep of the area within this perimeter, and from then until Tuesday night after the debate, nobody can enter without a Commission on Presidential Debates credential. We expect those buildings mentioned above to be accessible to faculty and students who have classes in them on Wednesday the 28th, but will communicate with those affected if any adjustments need to be made.

What about Stubbs Mall and the sites for the debate-activities that were announced last month?

The rest of campus and the sites for all these events, including Stubbs Mall, scene of the student-led debate activities starting Sunday night, will be outside the perimeter.

There will be fencing in place around Stubbs and security measures in place, but a credential will not be required to enter, and these areas and events will be open to the public. However, keep in mind if Stubbs Mall or other events approach capacity constraints, Longwood students will be prioritized.

What if my office is within the perimeter and I need access during fall break?

We have been in touch with supervisors and chairs of departments that have offices in those buildings, and they are aware of the process to ensure any employees who need access can request a pre-credential. If you work in those buildings and believe you need access over fall break, please contact your chair or supervisor.

Longwood employees generally, however, should operate on the assumption that this area will not be accessible over fall break until the debate is over. Lisa Mooney is overseeing the credentialing process and can answer more specific questions you may have.

What if I’m a volunteer and my assignment is within the perimeter?

All staff and volunteers who need to be within the perimeter for debate-related work will receive the necessary credentials.



Do I need my Longwood id on campus? Is any additional ID required to be on campus?

We do not expect IDs to be checked as a matter of practice outside the credentials required to be inside the perimeter described above. However, Longwood always encourages faculty and staff to keep their IDs with them on campus, and with the debate approaching, it is a particularly good idea.

I have an old Longwood ID. Do I need to get a new one?

It is not required, but we are encouraging all employees to stop by the Lancer Card office to get an updated ID. Both for the debate and beyond, it will be helpful for security to have a single staff ID card, with a recent photo that is consistent and easily recognizable.



What impact will the debate preparations have on faculty/staff parking?

There will be ample parking for faculty, staff and students, but over the course of September as the debate approaches, some faculty/staff parking on central campus will have to be taken offline. The biggest change is that the parking garage beneath Brock Commons will need to close starting this coming weekend (after work hours on Friday, Sept. 9). Spaces in Bristow and along Spruce Street will also be affected over the next few weeks.

There will be additional emails with more details as some of these changes go into effect. Several changes are being made to temporarily boost the number of faculty/staff spots. Starting this weekend, all visitor parking lots except the Crafts Lot will become Faculty/Staff parking, and the Vernon Street Lot by Longwood Landings will be open to faculty/staff. The Vine Street lot (at the corner of Race and Vine) has also recently come back on line for faculty/staff use. Finally, be aware the Upper Frazier lot has had plenty of empty spaces most days so far this year.

In short, while these changes will ensure the overall number of faculty/staff spaces should not be diminished, we recognize that some people accustomed to getting spots in the very center of campus will be bumped from their usual spots and will need to park farther away. We appreciate your understanding and patience.

What about parking over fall break and the debate?

Parking for the media will take up a substantial portion of the lots at the south end of campus. Most remaining spaces will be open to anyone with a Longwood permit -- faculty, staff and students. Further details will be provided to faculty, staff and students closer to the debate.


Information for students

How can I help students get the information they need about the debate?

One of the most helpful things faculty and staff can do for the debate is reassure students that the university wants them to stick around for the debate, including the concert and other activities on Sunday, October 2nd and Monday, October 3rd, and that steps have been taken to make it as easy as possible for them to do so. Nobody is being kicked off campus, and unlike in past years, this year students don’t have to register if they plan to stay on campus over fall break. Please refer students to the "Students" section of the debate.longwood.edu for answers to questions students have asked about such things as housing, dining and parking.