Visiting Longwood

Situated in the heart of Virginia, and the heart of the two-college community of Farmville, Longwood University is one of America’s hundred-oldest colleges and universities. A public liberal arts university of about 5,000 students, Longwood has a distinctive mission: to shape citizen leaders.

Rich in History and Outdoor Recreation

Longwood’s historic 60-acre central campus has witnessed some of the most critical events in American history. The final hours of the Civil War played out along High Street on the north end of campus, with the Union army of Gen. Ulysses S. Grant pursuing Gen. Robert E. Lee’s Confederate army through town shortly before the surrender at Appomattox, a few miles west. In 1951, the south end of campus witnessed the student-led birth of the modern civil rights movement, with the student strike at the then all-black Moton School. The strikers’ campaign for educational opportunity became an essential part of the Brown v. Board of Education school desegregation case, accounting for 75 percent of plaintiffs. Today, Moton is an award-winning museum that recently affiliated with Longwood, and plays an instrumental role in the life of the university.

Our geographic location affords residents and visitors numerous outdoor recreation opportunities, from walks, runs or bike trips along the High Bridge Trail and its signature half-mile span, canoe trips on the Appomattox River, or hikes in nearby mountain ranges.

Quintessential College Town

Farmville is one of America’s oldest two-college communities, home to Longwood University and nearby Hampden-Sydney College. The town was formed in the late 18th century and is geographically situated near the headwaters of the Appomattox River. Attractions include the High Bridge State Park and Trail and the famous Green Front Furniture company, whose historic downtown warehouses attract shoppers from across the East Coast. The historic downtown has been designated a Virginia Main Street community, and has plenty of dining and shopping options for visitors.

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Our Mission

Longwood is known for its citizen leadership mission, camaraderie and small classes. It also has the highest percentage of courses taught by full-time faculty of any public university in Virginia. Its students are famous for their enthusiastic extracurricular involvement, and hundreds of Longwood students have volunteered to help with the debate.